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Summer Sizzler Bag

Summer Sizzler Bag

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*** pic shows an example of the products you may receive ***

!!!!!!!!  ONLY 50 AVAILABLE !!!!!!!!

With the purchase of the Summer Sizzler Bag you receive the following:

4 x 1oz unreleased chunky glitters (will be released for individual sale in 30 days. 

2 x 1oz neon glitters (colour will vary per bag)

2 x 10g Mica Powder (Miss Scarlet & Col. Mustard)

1 x fluorescent alcohol ink (colour will vary per bag)

1 x 6”x12” piece of HTV chameleon vinyl (1 of 4 colours)

1 tattoo sheet (maybe be 1 bigger tattoo or multiple smaller tattoos on the sheet)

1 Navy / Beige beach bag

Shipping is not included. 

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