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Luna - Transparent Back

Luna - Transparent Back

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Non hot fix beautiful high-quality resin rhinestones.  Multi-faceted to reflect light and give that extra bling!  Industrial strength adhesive is recommended when applying your rhinestones.  

Quantities of stone per package is approximate

3mm - 1/2oz (2200)

3mm - 1oz (4400)

4mm - 1/2oz (1175)

4mm - 1oz (2350)

5mm - 1/2oz (625)

5mm - 1oz (1250)

6mm - 1/2oz (265)

6mm - 1oz (530)

Rhinestones are made in a factory in large lots one stone size at a time.  There could be slight variations in colour due to this process.

Packaged in resealable bags by weight.


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